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Stress and stress-related causes such as restlessness, worry and tension are known as the main causes of sleep problems and related ailments. This natural nutritional supplement is absorbed by your body as a natural substance and helps with stress, a restless feeling and your night’s sleep.

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Stress and stress-related causes such as restlessness, worry and tension are known as the main causes of sleep problems and related ailments. This natural nutritional supplement is absorbed by your body as a natural substance and helps with stress, a restless feeling and your night's sleep.

Organica understands better than anyone how difficult it can be to choose that specific sleeping aid/CBN Oil that suits you. We like to look for the solution in nature: Organica Relax and Sleep consists of CBN, Valerian, Nerolidol, Borneol, Linalool and MCT oil. We rely on the science built up in traditional medicine and give these ingredients the leading role they deserve in Organica Relax and Sleep. Organica Relax and Sleep is based on MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil. Normal coconut oil has a solid structure and only becomes liquid at a temperature of 30 to 37°C. MCT oil is the part of coconut oil that remains liquid at room temperature and is therefore easy to use. In addition, the oil provides quick energy and is not stored as fat, which is why it is often used by athletes as a supplement. The oil has a neutral taste. Our SLEEP CBN Oil is 100% natural and contains 5% CBN (or 500mg), or cannabinol. Organica Relax and Sleep does not contain THC and is legal in the Netherlands.

How is Organica Relax and Sleep produced?
The CBN in our Organica Relax and Sleep is extracted from the flower buds of the hemp plant. After an intensive filtering process, only a 99.x% isolate of the CBN remains. To this we add MCT oil, Valerian and a special terpene mix, which has been composed by terpene specialists to promote optimal relaxation/night's sleep, giving each oil a rich taste. Because the entire process is completed very carefully, each bottle of oil contains the correct amount of CBN.

Where does CBN come from?
You cannot easily find CBN in a Hemp plant. The substance CBN is only created during the oxidation of THC, or with a certain form of THC-A. This means that the substance is present in cannabis plants, but only in very small amounts.

Specifications of Organica Relax and Sleep
The contents of the bottle consist of 15% CBN, which means that every 10 ml contains 500 mg CBN. Also see our test results for the exact contents of your bottle.
A bottle contains approximately 200 drops. This means that you get approximately 2.5 mg CBN per drop.
Organica Relax and Sleep is free of THC* and therefore has no psychoactive effect.
Organica Relax and Sleep is produced according to the highest safety standards.
Organica Relax and Sleep is free from pesticides, herbicides and other unwanted substances/contaminants. This way you can enjoy your Organica Relax and Sleep without any worries
Organica SLEEP CBN iOlie s vegan, 100% natural and free of allergens.
* Legal standards require that a product is THC-free at a percentage below 0.05%.

Dosage of Organica Relax and Sleep
It is wise to start slowly with CBN Oil. This means taking 1 to 2 times a day, taking 2 to 5 drops each time. Depending on the way your body reacts, you can vary the dosage gradually. In addition, build in times when you do not use the CBN oil, so that your body can neutralize from time to time. Before use, empty the pipette and shake the bottle (don't forget to close the cap). After this, take the pipette and drip the desired number of drops under the tongue. Let it work here for a while so that it can be absorbed by the mucous membranes. Take into account a time of 60 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes. Always listen carefully to your body after use.

How do I store the Organica Relax and Sleep?
Our product is supplied in light-resistant bottles. Nevertheless, we recommend that you store the product in a dark place. This may be at room temperature, but you can also choose to store the oil in a cool place such as your refrigerator. On each bottle you will find a batch number and an expiration date. We can promise you that the products can be used at least until the indicated date. Because all ingredients are of natural origin, we request that you always close the cap after use.

Ingredients Organica Relax and Sleep
The Organica Relax and Sleep consists of 94% MCT oil, 5% CBN, Valerian, a terpene mix and is free of THC.

CBN and side effects
There are no reports of serious health problems after using CBN products and no one has ever died from it. Even substantially exceeding the daily recommended amount will not cause problems. It is also not surprising that the body can noticeably react to CBN. Even though CBN does not have a high effect, it does interact with h receptors.

The body's own endocannabinoid system which regulates numerous processes. What is special about CBN is that this substance travels several molecular routes in the body, all these routes have an effect on our body. To date, more than 65 of those routes have been identified.

The “numbing” effect of CBN
CBN is known as a narcotic. Research shows that 2.5 to 5 mg of CBN has the same effect as a pharmaceutical anesthetic. The relaxation that the body experiences here can be compared to diazepam. However, there is a big difference between CBN and those pharmaceuticals: CBN has no negative side effects: No nausea, no headache, no diarrhea, etc. The only thing CBN does is relax you and help you sleep!

Several reasons to use CBN oil
The main reason why CBN oil is used is its anesthetic power, a way to completely relax the body. But there are several reasons: For example, CBN has the power to fight bacteria. it is a painkiller (similar to an aspirin), it allows fractures in bones to heal faster and the loss of nausea and feelings of hunger.

Other notes: Organica Relax and Sleep is not a medicine and a daily intake of 30mg should not be exceeded. If you have any medical questions, we recommend that you contact your treating physician. The product is not suitable for pregnant (and breastfeeding) women and should be kept out of reach of children. Supplements sold through Organica are an addition to a healthy lifestyle and are not an alternative to a balanced diet and sufficient exercise.

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